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Hoi An

Hoi An – Five Reasons You Have to See It:

  1. The hundreds of tailor shops – they make high quality clothes quickly, and are usually family run businesses, ensuring that no unfair trade is involved.
  2. The food – it really is the food capital of Vietnam, and street food is easy to find and cheap to buy. Try the ‘white rose’ shrimp dumplings, and Cao Lao.
  3. The beautiful scenery – rice paddies, vegetable patches, ancient Vietnamese style buildings… There really are so many amazing things to see here.
  4. The sense of serenity. The roads aren’t too busy, and bright lights and skyscrapers are practically non-existent here. This makes it the perfect place for cycling round, or trying out your first Xe om (motorbike taxi).
  5. The friendly locals. Everyone is so helpful, and it is rare to be pestered to buy things.


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I'm a girl who is about to start high school. I love adventure, reading, writing, and hanging out with crazy friends (of which I have many).

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