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My teddy bear!

Here is my graduation teddy bear, who I proudly hand stitched. The pattern we used has been sketched out and modified over the years by the teachers at my school, so it has almost been perfected. Almost. My bear may look strange, but compared to others it is surprisingly neat. The instructions were awful and I almost had to unpick most of my stitching to fit the nose in, but it was all alright in the end.

The material I used was from a Japanese shop in Melbourne, and I had some left over from making an awesome bag which I now carry everywhere. My bear, compared to others, is relatively full of signatures.

I think that making bears is a really good idea, because at other schools nearby the graduation bears are bought, so they don’t have any personality. Some schools have signature books, or places in the yearbook for other students to sign. But personally I think that although my bear turned out a little odd, it was all worth it.


One response to “Graduation Teddy Bear

  1. Karen

    I love your bear! This is very cool. I never heard of that before.

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