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What I Love About Japan

What I love about Japan:

Food (especially sushi, onigiri and takoyaki). I love seafood, so Japanese cuisine is a fave of mine.
Drinks (calpis and tea mainly). I really love the way everything is so different.
Manga, since the style is so different to Western comics, and the way it is such an ancient art fascinates me.
Anime. This is for basically the same reasons as I like manga.
Cherry blossoms. I love these because they are so beautiful, and add colour to any scene.
Mount Fuji, because it is so majestic.
Bonsais. So cute and pretty. The amount of effort that goes into looking after them makes them even more special.
Snow. I don’t get snow here in Sydney, so anywhere where there is snow is awesome! Plus, the snow in Japan is completely different from any other snow.
Martial arts. I really enjoy taking part in martial arts. Self defense is important, and martial arts really does make you more confident!
Bento. These are amazing! Even the simple ones taken by workers as box lunches are so neat and tidy, and look delicious.

I also really like the blend of old and new in Japan. The way just an hour or so travelling can take you from blinding lights to onsens and beautiful views. Surely the best way to experience this is by bullet train – new age technology to transport you to places which have existed for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It truly is amazing.


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2 responses to “What I Love About Japan

  1. JD Japan

    Could you elaborate on what you like about Japanese drinks, manga, anime etc. because people like things for different reasons and it doesn’t tell us much about you

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