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Primary Graduation

The last day of primary school was the best, and also the worst. We started off the day by being given our yearbooks, and then we were given plenty of time to wander around the school, getting our hand sewn graduation bears signed by everyone (more on the bears in a later post). We went outside for morning tea. After that, we had the talent quest, which is always enjoyable. The two finalists were a freaky yo-yoer (is that a word?) and also an amazing singer. Both were boys. The overall winner though, was the latter, who sang a song called ‘Count On Me’. He deserved to win. Anyway, then we had lunch. After that the teachers showed the year six film, which has tons of photos of us, and a picture of each of us in kindy. Then we sang our year six song – which is a modification of ‘So Long Farewell’ from The Sound of Music. It has been changed to have more relavent lyrics. That was when the crying started. You could barely hear us singing because so many people were sobbing. The saddest part of the final day is always saved for last, and so we sat for five minutes waiting for everyone else to get ready. Soon, we were led outside in single file. A tunnel of people, holding their hands high, was waiting for us. Slowly, we made our way through the clutches of seven hundred students, having to bend over to avoid bowling over the younger students. When we finally reached the end, and started to mill around on the oval after the bell, the tears were flowing full pelt. We hugged people we knew, and people we didn’t. But then the crowd of graduating students dwindled, until there were only twenty out of the original hundred left. Me and my two close friends weren’t sobbing anymore – just standing around feeling horribly empty. So we decided to go for hot chocolate. A few of the boys joined us as we dashed down to Gloria Jeans, so we pulled up some extra seats and had a chat. We got some photos. We nearly cried again. We looked at our yearbooks. Then we went outside, soaking ourselves with water and running around. A lady in a muumuu told us to be quiet. Our last day of school had just finished – how could we be quiet? We ran and jumped and splashed, and, despite the tears, had a great last day.


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