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City Treasure Hunt

City treasure hunts are great fun. They can be done anywhere, at any time, with any amount of participants. They are an especially great way to explore places you’ve never been before for the first time.

Here are the instructions:
1. Figure out which suburb to do the hunt in. Decide on the boundaries so that nobody gets too lost.
2. Make a list of things to search for (not just objects but information, places, and anything else that can be found). Assign point values for each item so that you can decide on a winner. See my list below for examples.
3. Decide whether to go in teams or by yourselves (teams are best if there are a lot of you).
4. Know where, and at what time to meet afterwards (you can take away points if people are late to encourage punctuality).
5. Go!
6. Get back to the meeting point once you have all the items, can’t find any more, or have run out of time. Wait for everyone else.
7. Count up everyone’s points and crown the winner. At this point it should be about time to go for a drink break!

This is my example list of things to find (this is about the right amount of items for an hour long hunt):
Bus timetable – 5
Foreign newspaper – 5
Unidentifiable fruit or veggie – 10
Ad for music tutor – 10
Photo of you with a stranger – 15
Cheapest accommodation – 15
Funniest sign – 10
Something interesting but free – 5
Used transport ticket – 5
Yummiest nonprocessed snack-15
Most unappetizing menu item-10
Silliest number plate/sign on car-15
Worst shop name – 5

By the way, you should set a small budget, and also each team/person should carry a camera so you don’t have to buy everything. It is important to have phones or change for a phone box too! If you are doing this in a suburb you know well, have more items on your list or you will run out of things to do.

Have fun!


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I'm a girl who is about to start high school. I love adventure, reading, writing, and hanging out with crazy friends (of which I have many).

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