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Things that Make Me Happy – #1

So. As part of the Day Zero Project, I have started making a list of 100 things that make me happy. Here are the first 20:
1. The cream on the milk
2. Being cosy on a cold rainy day
3. Picnicing in Summer
4. Watching the ocean
5. Reading a good book
6. Receiving mail
7. Sending mail
8. Stamps
9. Stickers
10. Long jump
11. Giving gifts
12. Eating food I’ve made
13. Eating food I’ve grown
14. Cloudwatching
15. Playing games with friends and family
16. Travelling
17. Exploring new places
18. Drawing
19. Collaging
20. Writing

Hope this list inspires you! Will be posting more soon.


About highschooler99

I'm a girl who is about to start high school. I love adventure, reading, writing, and hanging out with crazy friends (of which I have many).

3 responses to “Things that Make Me Happy – #1

  1. Thank you! Hopefully you keep reading, and maybe even start to make a list of your own!

  2. S’il vous plaît me dire que vous êtes va garder cette place! Son si grand et si important. J’ai hâte de lire beaucoup plus de vous. Je me sens comme vous le savez si nettement et de savoir comment rendre les gens écoutent ce que youve a obtenu de le dire. Ce blog est juste aussi cool d’être manquée. Excellente chose, vraiment. S’il vous plaît, S’IL VOUS PLAÎT continuez comme ça!

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