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School photos

What is it with school photos that makes them so absolutely awful? I mean seriously, who wants a picture of themselves which makes you look so bad that you want to tear the photo up into pieces, screw the scraps up into a ball, and chuck them into the nearest bin? And they seem to have some sort of hypnotic effect over parents and relatives. ‘Oh, isn’t s/he adorable?’ or ‘You look so sweet!’ It’s sickening. Especially the way they are proudly stuck onto the fridge, or displayed in a foul frame on the mantelpiece by parents who seem to have forgotten the dread of school picture day. So. Just a message to all you parents out there. DON’T put those horrendous things out for others to see. Please. Unless, of course, your child, under some mysterious circumstances, actually wants you to. Trust me, school pictures capture the worst moments in everyone.


About highschooler99

I'm a girl who is about to start high school. I love adventure, reading, writing, and hanging out with crazy friends (of which I have many).

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